Fabulous feasts

These 10 jaw-dropping moments featuring very hungry wildlife illustrate nature's raw side


We often think of the preserves as a wonderful buffer against urban sprawl, where we can take in some stunning views, get some exercise or simply find a moment of zen

But the preserves also are a wonderfully diverse habitat filled with a wide variety of animals ... and it takes a lot of food to fuel those animals. Lucky for them, the open space they live in is a 24-hour smorgasbord.

Many people prefer to only see the cuter and cuddly side of nature and look past the brutally raw side of it. While it may not always be pretty, the reality is that everybody has to eat.

These amazing photos perfectly illustrate that.


Cooper's Hawk

This one appears to be a bit of a messy eater.

A cooper's hawk with its prey.

(Photo courtesy of Darlene Ruther)

Great Blue Heron

It was a great day for the heron. Not so much for the frog.

A great blue heron with a frog in its mouth.

(Photo courtesy of Debi Shapiro)

Red-tailed Hawk

Face it: We've all been there when we get some food stuck in our throat. 

A red-tailed hawk with a snake in its mouth.

(Photo courtesy of Debi Shapiro)

Paper Wasp

This wasp found a feast in the form of a monarch caterpillar.

A paper wasp eating a caterpillar.

(Photo courtesy of Erik Attaway)

Chubby Squirrel

Sometimes, animals eating can give us a dose of cuteness overload.

A squirrel eating a nut in a tree.

(Photo courtesy of Eileen Donovan Capodice)

Red-tailed Hawk

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming ...

A red-tailed hawk looking at the camera with a squirrel in its talons.

(Photo courtesy of Kathy Bobal)

Coyote, Part 1

This is a one-in-a-million type of photo.

A coyote with a squirrel in its mouth.

(Photo courtesy of Mark Hanna)

Coyote, Part 2

Something tells us he wasn't sharing.

A coyote showing its teeth while eating a squirrel.

(Photo courtesy of Mark Hanna)

Turkey Vulture

That awkward moment when your dinner is looking at you.

A turkey vulture eating carrion.

(Photo courtesy of Bonnie Wydra)

Peregrine Falcon

When out and about, you never know what'll drop out of the sky right in front of you.

A peregrine falcon with its prey in its talons.

(Photo courtesy of Kathy Bobal)

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