Special use and large group permits

Per the District's General Use Ordinance No. 124, a permit is required for all groups of 25 or more for any organized activity in a Will County forest preserve.

Large groups

The Forest Preserve District of Will County wants all who visit to have an excellent experience! Planning for large group visits allows us to manage resources, including access for entry and available parking. This is particularly beneficial on busy days.

When you request a permit, we verify availability (facilities and/or staff). If we are unable to accommodate your preferred date, we can help find an alternative. Permits are how we schedule field trips, organized hikes/walks, picnics, youth programs, weddings, camping, photographers, public programs, events and maintenance like parking lot sealcoating.

A permit reservation ensures your group will have an optimal visit. Please call the permitting manager at 815-722-5894 to discuss your group's needs.

Special use permits

A special use permit is required for use of Forest Preserve property that does not fit into any other permit type. Examples include police and fire department training exercises, fishing derbies, use of parking lots, etc.

To obtain a special use permit application, please call the permitting manager at 815-722-5894 or email [email protected].