Take It Outside

We want you to Take It Outside 
again this summer!

There’s a great big world out there to explore, and the forest preserves are a great place to start. Whether you’re looking for an active or leisurely pursuit, you’ll find your happy place in the preserves. Whatever you do, make sure to make time to immerse yourself in nature. 

Need a little motivation? Go on a wild goose chase through our interactive challenge. Be sure to read the rules so you don't disqualify yourself from winning any of our incredible prizes, including gift cards and prize packs.

There are two remaining seasonal challenges for the year:

  • Summer Soiree: Sunday, June 30, through Saturday, Sept. 21 (join code BD13J5)
  • Fall Frolic: Sunday, Oct. 6, through Saturday, Dec. 14 (join code ED7MGP)


Spring Fling winners revel in their victory

Hundreds of people participated in our Take It Outside Spring Fling challenge, and when all was said and done, seven participants claimed first-place prizes.

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Next up, get ready for our Summer Soiree

The sun rises early and sets late in the summer, so you've got plenty of daylight to get out and explore every part of the county in our Take It Outside challenge. 

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We want to see you at our meetup events

Want to meet other Goosechasers? Attend our Take It Outside meetups scheduled for Aug. 13 at Hadley Valley and Oct. 23 at Hammel Woods.

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Get out on the water this summer

Our waterways aren’t just for viewing from a safe distance. Get out there and explore them for yourself. Don't have a kayak or canoe? Rent one from us.

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Take It Outside merch on sale now

Want to show your support for our Take It Outside campaign? We've got T-shirts, hats and bandanas that you — or your dog — can proudly sport in the preserves.

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Brush up on history 
in the preserves

The Will County forest preserves showcase not just the natural world but also the history and heritage of our communities.

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While you're out, listen to all the birds sing

You’re already taking it outside, so listen to the birds all around you to see if you can up your skills when it comes to birding by ear.

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See Will County's wonders up close

Explore some of Will County’s most unique and rare habitats in our Wonders of Will County summer program series.

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Monee Reservoir: Enjoy the water this summer

Summer is the perfect time to visit Monee Reservoir, where you can both enjoy water views and get out on the water to experience it from another perspective. Visitors can launch their own boats or rent one from the visitor center. Fishing is a popular activity too, with the shoreline often dotted with anglers casting a line. If you want to stretch your legs, hit the trails. The preserve includes 1.66 miles of natural surface trails that traverse many different types of habitat. 

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Whalon Lake: Summer fun in the sun

In the summer, nothing beats time on the water. If you can’t get away for a summer adventure, head to Whalon Lake to bask in the sun while enjoying the lake views. Stretch your legs with a walk around the lake or enjoy time fishing, kayaking and more.

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Isle a la Cache: Explore history and nature

The whole family can find something to do at Isle a la Cache Museum and preserve. The Des Plaines River offers opportunities for fishing and paddling, or hit the trail for a short hike. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, head to the museum for a history lesson.

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Funding for this campaign is provided by The Nature Foundation of Will County. Additional prizes are furnished by Wild Birds Unlimited in Joliet.(Opens in a new window).