Take It Outside

We want you to Take It Outside!

Fall is happening all around us. Leaves are falling, temperatures and dropping and we are losing more and more daylight each day. There’s still plenty of time for the great outdoors, however. Make sure to make time to visit the preserves this fall, whether for a hike or bike ride or to visit one of our visitor centers to check out the interactive exhibits. Need a new activity or want to learn something new? Check out our event calendar to find a program that appeals to you.

There’s a great big world out there to explore, and the forest preserves are a great place to start. Whether you’re looking for an active or leisurely pursuit, you’ll find your happy place in the preserves. Whatever you do, make sure to make time to immerse yourself in nature. 

Need a little motivation? Go on a wild goose chase through our interactive challenge.

Looking to try something new this year? Or maybe you need a new place to explore? Check out these recreation ideas to get you moving: 


December will be a month to remember for Take It Outsiders

The final missions in the yearlong challenge will have participants challenging their memory recall. How well do you remember the preserves you've visited?

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Your guide to the best places to hike in Will County

Whether you want to work up a sweat or just spend time in nature, the forest preserves have miles and miles of trails — more than 125 miles actually.

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'TV can wait': How to climb the leaderboard

As the yearlong Take It Outside challenge nears the finish line, some of the leaders share their strategies for racking up so many points.

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Attend a public program this month

The preserves host a variety of programs all year, and there’s plenty of fun on tap this fall. Learn about wildlife, create your own artistic masterpiece and more.

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Take It Outside merch on sale now

Want to show your support for our Take It Outside campaign? We've got T-shirts, hats and bandanas that you — or your dog — can proudly sport on your next trip to the preserves.

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Elevate your hike with natural surface trails

If a hike just isn’t a hike unless there’s dirt under your boots, make sure to visit these preserves where the natural surface trails are sure to impress.

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Nature deficit disorder is real. Kids need to spend time outdoors

Don’t feel bad for sending your kids outside to play. It’s good for both their mental and physical health.

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There's more to hibernation than you probably think

It may soon start to feel a little quieter out there in nature as animals start to hunker down for the long and cold winter ahead.

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Goodenow Grove: Splendid in all seasons

At almost 900 acres in all, there’s plenty to explore at Goodenow Grove. The miles of trails traverse every type of habitat and offer plenty to see and do throughout the year. And don’t forget to stop by Plum Creek Nature Center to check out the hands-on exhibits and visit with our resident reptiles.  

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Prairie Bluff Preserve: Soak up the sun

The expansive grasslands at Prairie Bluff are a nice place for a fall hike on a sunny day. Let the sun warm you as you explore the prairie, keeping your eyes peeled for the hawks, falcons and other raptors often seen soaring above.

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Hammel Woods: A great place for a hike

This preserve for all seasons never disappoints. There is always something to see, whether it’s the last burst of fall color or busy beavers and other wildlife scurrying around the DuPage River and shoreline.

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Funding for this campaign is provided by The Nature Foundation of Will County