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  • A snapping turtle on a trail.

    Slow your roll: Turtles on the move for nesting season


    Spring is a time when turtles are often on the move and at risk of being hit by cars. If you can safely move a turtle across a road, here's how to do it.

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  • A male cardinal singing while perched on a branch.

    Nature curiosity: Why do birds sing in the morning?


    Are the birds waking you up before dawn? There's a good reason for their morning concert. 

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  • A monarch butterfly rest on the purple flowers of wild bergamot.

    Migration watch: Monarch butterflies have landed in Illinois


    We're charting migrations this season, announcing when a variety of species hit major milestones on their travels north.

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  • Save yourself from heartbreak: Check your yard for rabbit nests before mowing


    Before you cut your grass, it's a good idea to give your yard a once-over to look for rabbit nests. These nests often look just like a small patch of dead grass, but the babies are just under the surface, leaving them vulnerable to lawnmowers.

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  • A person posing for a photo with a forest as the backdrop.

    Meet a Naturalist: Michelle Cipiti, fulfilling a dream


    Meet Michelle Cipiti, an interpretive naturalist at Hidden Oaks Nature Center.

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  • Common snowdrops peeking up from the ground.

    Protect the overwintering insects by resisting urge to start your garden cleanup now


    Step away from the rake; it's too early to start your spring yard cleanup.

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  • silhouette of solar eclipse

    Keep your fingers crossed for clear skies for April 8 total solar eclipse


    The best sky-watching events are usually at night, but April's best show comes mid-day in the form of a total solar eclipse on April 8.

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  • A common loon on a lake.

    Happening now: Common loons are passing through. Have you seen one on a local waterway?


    Have you spotted a common loon in a local waterway? Their time here will be brief.

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  • A northern flicker standing in the grass.

    Northern flickers buck some common woodpecker trends


    Northern flickers look a little different than most of our local woodpecker species, and we see them on the ground much more than you might expect for a woodpecker.

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  • A turtle on a log with another turtle smaller turtle on top of it.

    In early spring, wetlands are abuzz with seasonal activity


    After a long, quiet winter, our local wetlands are among the first places that begin to wake up, showing some of the earliest signs of spring. 

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Current Headlines

Merchandise line expands to include youth, toddler T-shirts


The Forest Preserve District apparel line now has youth and toddler shirts, including some that match adult designs. So you and your toddler can wear skunk shirts that read, "Big Stinker" and "Little Stinker," for instance. All sale proceeds benefit The Nature Foundation of Will County. 

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Bald eagle nesting update: We have confirmed eaglets in our second nest


The bald eagle population has been booming in Will County in recent years, and we're monitoring four active nests. 

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