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  • The fall color display at Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve

    Five fun facts about the season's much-anticipated color show


    Taking in the fall foliage has become such a thing that it's even generated its own term. Here's your chance to learn more about the dazzling display.

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  • A coyote is seen on the left and a grey wolf on the right.

    What's the difference?: Coyote vs. wolf


    While coyotes are a common sight in Illinois, wolves are seen only very rarely, having been extirpated since the 1800s. In areas where both coyotes and wolves live, however, it can be tricky to tell them apart without knowing the key differences.

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  • A person standing on a wooden bridge over water.

    Meet a Naturalist: Jenna Krukowski, always curious about the past


    Meet Jenna Krukowski, an interpretive naturalist at Isle a la Cache Museum.

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  • A green praying mantis on a sidewalk.

    Five fast facts about easy-to-miss praying mantises


    Praying mantises are among the largest insects we see, but that doesn't mean they are easy to find. Learn more about these insects that stand out at blending in.

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  • A pink common milkweed bloom.

    When a weed is something more: Milkweed vital for many species


    Have you heard the buzz about monarchs and milkweed? Monarchs are far from the only animals that rely on milkweed.

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  • A woman sits on a log in the woods.

    Preserves We Love: O'Hara Woods, for delivering nature's gifts


    Interpretive naturalist Sara Russell tells us why she loves O'Hara Woods Preserve.

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  • A fall landscape with trees full of yellow and orange leaves.

    Want to be dazzled by fall color? Fingers crossed for sunny days and cool nights


    If you love fall color, hope the coming weeks bring us warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights.

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  • A group of pelicans standing atop rocks in a river.

    Happening now: Pelicans have returned to Will County


    One of the most anticipated events among birders each spring and fall is the arrival of the American white pelicans, and now is the time you'll once again start seeing these birds along waterways in the area.

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  • A woman stands along a boardwalk.

    Preserves We Love: Thorn Creek, for the endless discoveries


    Interpretive naturalist Brittany Schaller tells us why she loves Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve.

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  • A cricket on a leaf.

    Myth buster: Can a cricket really tell you the temperature?


    There's no way you can actually rely on a cricket to tell you the temperature, right? Actually, this widely held myth is really true.

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Don't hibernate, recreate this winter!


The Forest Preserve District offers a variety of recreational opportunities in winter including hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. With more than 135 miles of trails, 40 preserves, two sled hills and six dog parks, there are many ways to stay active. 

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December will be a month to 'remember' for Take It Outside Challenge participants


The theme for the final month of the yearlong Take It Outside Challenge is December to Remember. Participants will have to remember where certain preserve sites are located to rack up points. The challenge ends Dec. 31. 

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