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  • Save yourself from heartbreak: Check your yard for rabbit nests before mowing


    Before you cut your grass, it's a good idea to give your yard a once-over to look for rabbit nests. These nests often look just like a small patch of dead grass, but the babies are just under the surface, leaving them vulnerable to lawnmowers.

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  • A person posing for a photo with a forest as the backdrop.

    Meet a Naturalist: Michelle Cipiti, fulfilling a dream


    Meet Michelle Cipiti, an interpretive naturalist at Hidden Oaks Nature Center.

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  • A northern flicker standing in the grass.

    Northern flickers buck some common woodpecker trends


    Northern flickers look a little different than most of our local woodpecker species, and we see them on the ground much more than you might expect for a woodpecker.

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  • A turtle on a log with another turtle smaller turtle on top of it.

    In early spring, wetlands are abuzz with seasonal activity


    After a long, quiet winter, our local wetlands are among the first places that begin to wake up, showing some of the earliest signs of spring. 

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  • A closeup of bluebell blossoms.

    Five things you might not know about spring


    When it comes to spring, there's so much to love. But there's also probably a lot you don't know about our most-anticipated season.

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  • A chorus frog with its throat outstretched.

    Happening now: Chorus frogs are loudly seeking mates


    If you venture out into the preserves these days, there's a good chance you'll hear chorus frogs making a racket as they call out looking for a mate.

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  • Two American woodcocks in the grass.

    Happening now: Male woodcocks performing their elaborate courtship ritual


    Now is the time to see woodcocks out in the preserves, and there's a lot to love about these birds — from the males' elaborate courtship ritual to their cute nicknames.

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  • Two sandhill cranes flying overhead.

    Migration watch: Sandhill cranes are heading north, so keep your eyes and ears peeled


    It's peak migration season for sandhill cranes, so don't be surprised if you hear their loud, bugling call overhead.

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  • A red-winged blackbird on a cattail with its mouth open.

    Two words perfectly describe red-winged blackbirds: Feisty and familiar


    Several birds are known for their aggressive behavior, but perhaps none as much as the red-winged blackbird, a bird that isn't afraid to pick on creatures much larger than itself. 

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  • A person standing in front of a forest.

    Meet a Naturalist: Jess McQuown, an inquisitive mind


    Meet Jess McQuown, a program coordinator at Four Rivers Environmental Education Center.

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Current Headlines

Bait shops will be open, Sugar Creek Administration Center closed for Memorial Day holiday


Monee Reservoir Visitor Center in Monee Township and the Tackle Box bait shop in Bolingbrook will both be open for the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 27. Preserves, trails and dog parks also will be open. Other Forest Preserve visitor centers will be closed. 

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Stop feeding wildlife in the preserves, it's bad for critters and you could be ticketed


The Forest Preserve District's General Use Ordinance No. 124 prohibits the feeding or baiting of wildlife in the preserves and violators will be ticketed. The prohibited activity can lead to disease transmission, overpopulation and illnesses in wildlife. 

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