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  • A cicada and two cicada exoskeletons on grass.

    Have you heard the buzz? This summer will be a cicada summer


    Get ready for cicada summer. It's been 17 years since periodical cicadas last emerged in northern Illinois, and it's once again their time to shine.

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  • A snow-covered trail and trees.

    Five freezing facts about snow to tide you over this winter


    Love it or hate it, snow is as essential as rain. Learn to appreciate it with these five fun facts.

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  • A squirrel on a tree branch.

    Five fun facts about our squirrelly squirrels


    Squirrels are common enough that they are just part of the background in nature, but they are pretty interesting creatures when you learn more about them.

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  • An eastern bluebird on a tree branch.

    Not all blue birds are bluebirds: Learn the difference between our blue-hued birds


    Not all blue birds are bluebirds. In our area, we see eastern bluebirds, blue jays and even indigo buntings sporting blue feathers. Learn the differences between these blue-hued birds. 

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  • A woman standing in front of a tree along a trail.

    Meet a Naturalist: Heather Van Zyl, always curious and always learning


    Meet Heather Van Zyl, an interpretive naturalist at Plum Creek Nature Center.

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  • A crow on a branch.

    Five things about misunderstood crows


    Crows are highly sociable and among the most intelligent animals around, but they don't have the best reputation.

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  • The green glow of the northern lights in the night sky.

    Nature curiosity: What are the northern lights?


    The northern lights are always happening, but you have to be at the right place at the right time to view them.

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  • Two people walking a dog along a trail.

    Need a good reason to take a hike? Here are four


    Looking for a reason to it the trails and stretch your legs on a hike? Here are a few.

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  • Side-by-side photos of a long-eared owl and a short-eared owl perched atop tree stumps.

    What's the difference: long-eared owl vs. short-eared owl


    Their so-called ears aren't the only difference between short-eared owls and long-eared owls.

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  • A red fox standing in a forest with the ground covered by fallen leaves.

    Nature curiosity: Why don't humans have tails?


    Being tailless is a rare trait among mammals, but us humans aren't quite alone. 

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Current Headlines

Bait shops will be open, Sugar Creek Administration Center closed for Memorial Day holiday


Monee Reservoir Visitor Center in Monee Township and the Tackle Box bait shop in Bolingbrook will both be open for the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 27. Preserves, trails and dog parks also will be open. Other Forest Preserve visitor centers will be closed. 

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Stop feeding wildlife in the preserves, it's bad for critters and you could be ticketed


The Forest Preserve District's General Use Ordinance No. 124 prohibits the feeding or baiting of wildlife in the preserves and violators will be ticketed. The prohibited activity can lead to disease transmission, overpopulation and illnesses in wildlife. 

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