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  • A woman standing on a roof deck overlooking a forest.

    Meet a Naturalist: Suzy Lyttle, a childhood dream fulfilled


    Meet Suzy Lyttle, the program coordinator at Hidden Oaks Nature Center.

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  • A person standing on a bridge over a creek in the woods.

    Preserves We Love: Messenger Woods, for making history


    Real estate record specialist Megan Raimbault tells us why she loves Messenger Woods Nature Preserve.

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  • Sunlight shining through the canopies in a line of trees.

    Burning questions about the sun? Check out these five facts


    We have the sun to thank for all life on Earth, but how much do you really know about the star at the center of our world?

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  • A frog emerging its head from water covered in duckweed.

    Duckweed is world's smallest flowering plant


    Want to see the world's smallest flowering plant? Look no farther than your local pond.

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  • A woman standing on a trail along a wooded creek.

    Preserves We Love: Forked Creek, for its subtle solitude


    Real estate manager Sara Wittchen tells us why she loves spending time at Forked Creek Preserve.

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  • A northern saw-whet owl perched on a broken branch.

    Think you know owls? Northern saw-whet owls defy our expectations


    Northern saw-whet owls are a little different than the prototypical owl. For starters, they're only about the size of a robin, making them one of the smallest owl species in the world.

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  • A woman poses with her dog at a park.

    Preserves We Love: Hammel Woods Dog Park, for its golden memories


    Public information officer Cindy Cain tells us why she loves spending time at Hammel Woods Dog Park.

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  • A cicada on a leaf.

    What's the difference?: cicada vs. locust


    We often call cicadas locusts, but they are not even closely related insects. Learn the differences between them and why we never see locusts in Illinois or anywhere else in the United States.

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  • A person standing in a forest with a camera.

    Preserves We Love: O'Hara Woods, for its varied photo subjects


    Marketing technical specialist Glenn Knoblock tells us why he loves spending time at O'Hara Woods Preserve.

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  • A woman standing in front of a large tree trunk.

    Meet a Naturalist: Angela Rafac, a lifelong learner


    Meet Angela Rafac, an interpretive naturalist at Four Rivers Environmental Education Center.

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Don't hibernate, recreate this winter!


The Forest Preserve District offers a variety of recreational opportunities in winter including hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. With more than 135 miles of trails, 40 preserves, two sled hills and six dog parks, there are many ways to stay active. 

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December will be a month to 'remember' for Take It Outside Challenge participants


The theme for the final month of the yearlong Take It Outside Challenge is December to Remember. Participants will have to remember where certain preserve sites are located to rack up points. The challenge ends Dec. 31. 

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