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  • A green lawn dotted with dandelions.

    Give the lawn mower a rest in May. Do it for the bees.


    Participating in No Mow May isn't just a way to cut down on your yardwork for a month. You'll be helping bees and other essential insects too.

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  • Can you identify these 15 birds? Take the test to find out


    Birding can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be tricky to get those identifications right.

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  • A Baltimore oriole of a tree branch.

    Migration watch: Orioles have landed in Will County


    Time to stock up on oranges and grape jelly. Baltimore orioles are back in Will County for the season.

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  • A yellow-bellied sapsucker on a tree full of sap wells.

    Holey moley: Yellow-bellied sapsuckers leave distinct clues of their presence


    The yellow-bellied sapsucker is the only woodpecker in the eastern United States that is fully migratory, so their time in northern Illinois can be fleeting. Look for them in the spring and fall as they migrate through our area.

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  • A periodical cicada on a tree branch.

    Brooding about cicadas? Here's the reason for all the hype this year


    To not have heard the buzz about this year's cicada emergence you would have to have been where the cicadas themselves are right now — underground. Why all the hype? This year is the first time since 1803 that two broods of cicadas will have emerged in Illinois at the same time.

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  • Earth as seen from space.

    Five must-know facts about our home planet Earth


    You can define Earth in many ways, but above all else it is home. Here is your chance to learn all about our home planet.

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  • (Photo via Shutterstock)

    Want your kids to respect nature? Get your garden growing with them


    Gardening with your kids can be a great way to make them good stewards of the environment.

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  • A ruby-throated hummingbird perched on the tip of a branch.

    Migration watch: Hummingbirds have landed in Will County


    For those of you eagerly anticipating the arrival of ruby-throated hummingbirds, it won't be long now. The tiny birds have been spotted in Will County and elsewhere in Illinois.

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  • A monarch butterfly rest on the purple flowers of wild bergamot.

    Migration watch: Monarchs have landed in Illinois


    We're charting migrations this season, announcing when a variety of species hit major milestones on their travels north. 

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  • A snapping turtle on a trail.

    Slow your roll: Turtles on the move for nesting season


    Spring is a time when turtles are often on the move and at risk of being hit by cars. If you can safely move a turtle across a road, here's how to do it.

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Current Headlines

Public hearing scheduled for proposed $50 million Capital Improvement Program bond issue


A public hearing has been scheduled for June 6 for a proposed bond issue that would fund a 2025-2030 Capital Improvement Program. The $50 million bond issue would not result in a tax increase for the Forest Preserve portion of property tax bills because previously issued bonds have been paid off. In fact, taxes will decrease even with the bond issue. The money would be used to preserve land, connect trails and restore habitat.

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Bait shops will be open, Sugar Creek Administration Center closed for Memorial Day holiday


Monee Reservoir Visitor Center in Monee Township and the Tackle Box bait shop in Bolingbrook will both be open for the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 27. Preserves, trails and dog parks also will be open. Other Forest Preserve visitor centers will be closed. 

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