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  • A red fox standing in a forest with the ground covered by fallen leaves.

    Nature curiosity: Why don't humans have tails?


    Being tailless is a rare trait among mammals, but us humans aren't quite alone. 

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  • A bison in a prairie.

    Five fun facts about our national mammal, the American bison


    What you don’t know about these scraggly bearded giants might surprise you.

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  • A woman poses in a forest.

    Meet a Naturalist: Alexis Lyons, helping people connect to nature


    Meet Alexis Lyons, an interpretive naturalist at Four Rivers Environmental Education Center. 

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  • A ladybug on a green leaf.

    Myth buster: Can you tell a ladybug's age by its spots? In a word, no


    What can a ladybug's spots tell us? Not much, although in some cases you may be able to determine the species from its spot pattern.

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  • A male wood duck standing on a tree branch.

    Five fast facts about ornate wood ducks


    It should come as no surprise that wood ducks love trees, but that's not all that is unique about them.

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  • Fallen brown and yellow leaves on the ground in a forest.

    Too much yard work this fall? Skip raking the leaves


    Put down the rake. You can feel good about leaving your leaves wherever they fall. Letting them be is actually better for the environment and for your yard.

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  • Milkweed pods with seeds in the silky floss.

    Now is the time to sow native seeds for spectacular spring blooms


    It's not too early to start thinking about next year's flower gardens. In fact, if you're thinking about adding more native plants to your landscape, now is the time to sow the seeds so they germinate come spring.

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  • Two deer standing in a field.

    It's mating season for deer. That means watch out on area roadways


    During mating season in the fall, deer tend to move about more freely, causing an uptick in collisions with vehicles.

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  • An oak tree with the sun shining through its leaf-filled branches.

    Mighty oak trees have a long and storied history


    All trees provide us benefits, but oak trees are particularly vital and important because of how much life they support.

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  • A white-breasted nuthatch on a bird feeder.

    Follow these tips to winterize your yard for wildlife


    Want to see wildlife in your yard all winter long? The key is to make it a welcoming place for them to visit. 

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Current Headlines

Don't hibernate, recreate this winter!


The Forest Preserve District offers a variety of recreational opportunities in winter including hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. With more than 135 miles of trails, 40 preserves, two sled hills and six dog parks, there are many ways to stay active. 

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December will be a month to 'remember' for Take It Outside Challenge participants


The theme for the final month of the yearlong Take It Outside Challenge is December to Remember. Participants will have to remember where certain preserve sites are located to rack up points. The challenge ends Dec. 31. 

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